• Please use the Return Material Authorization (RMA) form at the end of the page. Additional documents or photos that clarify the problem description can be uploaded here as well. 
  • For each additional unit, a new form should be used. Please do not mention multiple units on one RMA form.
  • After submitting the RMA form, you will receive an RMA number. Please take note of this number.
  • For shipping, clearly mark your RMA number on 3 sides of the box.
  • Please use the original packaging, including the original foam, to prevent damage. If you do not have the original packaging anymore, please use an alternative, decent packaging materials. Delta Elektronika B.V. is not responsible for any damages (visible and/or concealed) due to transportation.
  • There is no need to send line cords, output cables, connectors, etc. along with the power supply.

End of Service

Check if your Delta Elektronika DC power supply unit is still serviceable by going to the Discontinued products page. If not, please do not send it for service. Instead, if you have any questions concerning discontinued products, please contact our sales department.

RMA number

After submitting the form, you will receive a confirmation of your request by mail. This email will contain your RMA number.


Delta Elektronika B.V.
Attn. Repair Department
Vissersdijk 4
4301 ND Zierikzee
The Netherlands


Repaired units will be returned with the latest firmware version and default factory settings.

RMA form

Re-enter Serial number
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Details about the failed product
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