Standard most of our power supplies can be directly mounted into a 19-inch rack. Some smaller power supplies and external interfaces can also be mounted into a 19-inch rack. Rack adapters are offered to mount the following series: SM800, ES300, ES150 and PSC-series. Rack adapters to mount different combinations of power supplies and interfaces into one front, are also offered. Datasheets of the series, mentioned above, describe the 19-inch rack mounting options.


The following 19-inch rack adapters are available:


The following adapters are available for the ES-series:
Where the ES150 and ES300 fit the same adapters.

  • One ES series unit
  • Two ES series units
  • One ES series unit and a PSC interface module

For the SM800, the following 19-inch rack adapters are available:

  • One SM800 series unit, with either front or rear connection
  • Two SM800 series units, with either front or rear connection
  • One SM800 series unit and an ES series unit

For PSC interface modules, separately an adapter exists that can mount: 

  • Three PSC interface modules

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Datasheets Type/Format Size
ES150 Datasheet pdf 637.44 KB
ES300 Datasheet pdf 579.61 KB
SM800 Datasheet pdf 580.37 KB
Application notes Type/Format Size
Application notes RA19 ES and PSC zip 513.14 KB
Application notes RA19 SM800 zip 3.72 MB
3D drawings Type/Format Size
3D drawings RA19 zip 25.27 MB